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    私の作品の原点は素材の魅力を生かすこと。 その主役は金属そのものであったり、宝石であったりします。 金、銀、プラチナなどの、貴金属が持つ独自の色や仕上げにより現れる表情はとても魅力的であり、制作する上で重要なものだととらえています。同じデザインでも素材によって与える印象は全く異なります。


    既成概念にとらわれず、ちょっとしたギミックを加えたデザインになるように工夫をしています。 例えばパーツが動いたり、宝石が浮いて見えるような独自の石留めテクニックを開発したり、金属を布のように表現したり。 このような自由な発想から作品は作られ、身につける方の自己表現の一つとなるのです。

    I have been producing jewelry since 1998 in Tokyo and since then have been striving to create a harmony between myself and the materials that I use and, as such, the metals and precious stones that I choose are the leading roles in my creations. The characteristic colors and finishes of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, convey a variety of emotions that I hope to capture. Different materials used in the same design can trigger emotional responses in the wearer and viewer that are entirely individual to those materials. Using this as a premise and by utilizing “mokume-gane” techniques (meaning “wood grain metal”), a traditional Japanese metal processing technique used since the 17th Century, I am able to create pieces of entirely modern design. What is more, I am also particularly interested in the blending of the gold bullion, which I do myself, meticulously adjusting the condition and intensity of the metal’s color. With this deep love of the processing of precious metal I carry out each stage using manual procedures in which I have become an expert. To maintain a degree of innovation I incorporate my own idiosyncrasies into the pieces when the designs call for them. For example I have used my own setting techniques for the stones, in one instance to create the appearance of levitation so that the stone appeared as though it was floating. I have also used moving parts and fabric effects (making the metals appear as though they were cloth) to keep a sense of individualism to each piece. Finally I try to create a one-of-a-kind piece for each of my customers by incorporating their character or story into each design. I take great pride in offering such personalization for my customer.


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